Youth Group

Our congregation is blessed with an active and Spirit-infused youth group for students in Grades 6 through 12.? We stay busy all year long and often plan events with other area churches.

Youth group members volunteer in many places, including the CLC YMCA, the Carpenter’s Boat Shop, H.O.M.E. Cooperative, and at many church fundraising dinners, fairs, and much more in the life of our church.?? Friends are always welcome at every event and we often have as many visitors over the year as members.

youth group fun


We enjoy annual youth group activities as well as some special one-time events:

  • The 30 Hour Famine, a particular favorite, to benefit World Vision and help fight hunger around the world.? This event brings 20 to 30 youth from several churches together for a busy weekend of learning about hunger, doing community service, rock climbing and other fun at the YMCA, and a scavenger hunt around town, all while participating in a 30 hour juice fast, to bring us spiritually closer to those in hunger worldwide.? Our last famine raised $5,300!
  • Hosting the Friends Forever program in the fall, when a mixed group of Protestant and Catholic teens from Ireland spend a week together here in our area
  • Leading worship on Youth Sunday
  • Overnight trips to Boston, featuring some sightseeing, service work, and worship at Old South Church
  • Packing care packages twice a year for our college students and deployed military
  • A Lord of the Rings film trilogy marathon