Worship at Second Congregational Church in Newcastle on October 31, 2021

WORSHIP ON OCTOBER 31, 2021 – THE 23RD SUNDAY OF PENTECOST & REFORMATION SUNDAY: Pastor Char Corbett led us in worship and Jane Wilmot provided our musical accompaniment. Our choir sang “Lord I Trust Thee, I Adore Thee” by George F. Handel for our Anthem and also led the singing of hymns. Eric Sroka read our scripture passages, Ruth 1: 1-18 (http://bible.oremus.org/?ql=502618101 NRSV Anglicized Edition). Pastor Char shared her reflection “May the Lord Do Thus and So”.
AND recall that Pastor Char has declared that October 31 is “Silly Sock Sunday!” It’s ok to be a little silly – it’s Halloween!
The Order of Worship, which includes the hymn lyrics (but no links to recorded music) is available on the church web site: https://wp.me/a9HLsD-NE.

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