Worship at Second Congregational Church in Newcastle on April 14, 2022: Maundy Thursday with Communion

Our worship leader for Maundy Thursday was Rev. Jonna Jensen, who is the Transitional Conference Minister for the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ.
The Order of Worship for this service was prepared by Rev. Char Corbett and is available here: https://wp.me/a9HLsD-Qx.

This service draws from the Eucharistic tradition. We call it Eucharistia, Ancient Greek meaning, “gratitude, giving of thanks.” As Christians we give thanks for the blessing of God’s nourishment, which includes the food and drink shared, and the people gathered for the occasion. We are invited to share our praise of God and give thanks for our blessings whenever we partake in the bounty of the Earth. It is especially meaningful to do so during Holy Week as a remembrance of the Last Supper Jesus had with the disciples. May you feel the Holy Spirit with you as we journey this night, remembering we are never alone.

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