Established in 1843

Establishment of the First Congregational Church in Sheepscot

The town of Newcastle was settled in 1733 and organized twenty years later. Between 1758 and 1797, nine ministers are recorded as being called, but evidently none had the dedication that was needed. In 1797 the General Court of Massachusetts sued the Town of Newcastle for not providing sufficient religious influence. In May 1797 the town’s Council called a meeting to gather a church. Mr. Kiah Bayley was called from Massachusetts to preach the gospel and establish a religious group in this “wilderness.” The First Congregational Church was established in the village of Sheepscot in 1797. Following his ordination in 1799, the Rev. Mr. Bayley and his wife Abigail brought their gifts of faith and knowledge to both the church and community. They were founders of both Lincoln Academy and Bangor Theological Seminary and Abigail was responsible for the first money collected in support of the seminary’s treasury.

Creation of the Second Congregational Church

As the town of Newcastle grew in population and prospered from shipbuilding, other church denominations came into the area. The village of Damariscotta also grew despite a fire which swept the town in May 1845. The congregationalists in the Sheepscot area experienced growing friction around religious fervor. On September 30, 1843 the Second Congregational Church was organized to meet the spiritual needs of congregationalists on the east or Damariscotta side of town as 94 members left the First church. A red brick meeting house was built on the shores of the Damariscotta River and was dedicated in 1849.

history: Second Congregational Church on an old postcard

Known for a time as the Damariscotta Congregational Church in Newcastle, the Second Congregational Church was served by a number of pastors over the years. On occasion a touch of the “modern liberal spirit” characterized the pastorate. In 1874 the church hosted the Congregational State Conference. Some members noticed a softening of the harsher aspects of Calvinism. In the late 1800’s several of the stained glass windows were added, and the church was incorporated on March 5, 1914. As the church journeyed through the 20th century many special emphases were placed on current world events. Considerable repairs and additions have been made to the building over the years and a pipe organ was installed. The church also established a church library. In 1979 Second Congregational Church was placed on the List of National Historical Places in the State of Maine.

Second Congo joins the UCC

In 1963 the church became part of the United Church of Christ. Although in the late 20th century under the leadership of its pastor the church withdrew for a short time, it eventually reunited with the denomination. The Second Congregational Church now has a very active role in the community and a missions outreach that supports many organizations both locally and abroad. The church takes great pride in its relationship with the Carpenter’s Boatshop, a unique ministry at Pemaquid based on Christian living and the quiet craft of boat-building. This ministry was begun by Rev. Robert Ives, a former assistant minister of the church. Second Congregational Church is also a Covenant Church with Habitat for Humanity.

As we make our way into the 21st century Second Congregational Church, UCC celebrates and continues a rich history of worship and living out the love of God we have seen and known in Jesus our Christ. Since Mr. Bayley’s arrival in 1797 the church has been served by 27 pastors and its ministry carried out by devoted and dedicated members and friends. In 2011, the congregation voted to accept the UCC designation as an Open and Affirming (ONA) church. To learn more about our ONA designation, Click here.

Pastors of Our Church ~ Since 1797

As part of the “175th Year Celebration Series”, we held a worship service on November 25, 2018 to honor the many pastors who have served our church.  A list of those pastors is available here as a PDF file that you can view or download and print.  The list traces our history from Kiah Bailey (May 1797- September 1823) up to Charlene Corbett who became our pastor in July, 2017

Many of our pastors were in attendance, as demonstrated by this photo.  Note – we are blessed to have quite a few ‘retired’ pastors as members of Second Congregational Church who are included in the photo below, which is to say that not everyone in the photo served as a pastor or interim pastor at Second Congregational.

Celebrating Our Pastors, 11/25/2018

Certificate of donation for the steamship “Morning Star”

Morning Star Certificate

Serendipity strikes

Back in 1884, the Sunday School of Second Congregational Church made a donation to help finance the construction of a barkentine ship to to serve as a supply ship for missions, clinics and settlements in the South Pacific. Many of us have noticed the handsome certificate hanging above the couch in our Parlor, but not many have known the story. Thanks to Steve Ward, we now have both the story and a lovingly conserved lithograph back in place for all to enjoy. Steve noticed the signature of his great-grandfather on the certificate and took steps to conserve the lithograph – this is a wonderful gift!

Steve provided some background information, with illustrations, that is very informative – see it here.

Updated January 24, 2019