Governance Documents

Second Congregational is governed by the Church Assembly which is comprised of:  Officers;  A representative from each Service Team;  And three Members at Large. The governance structure and people serving is available here, “ReImagine Leadership as of 21 June 2019“.

The church Constitution was updated as of the annual meeting in February, 2020, and the church Bylaws was updated as of the annual meeting in February 2021.

Constitution Approved 2/23/2020

Click on the link above to open a PDF document of our Interim Constitution, which describes our purpose, covenant, and doctrine, as well as the structure of the Church and how it is governed. The  updated Constitution was approved on February 23, 2020.

Bylaws Approved 2/28/2021

Click on the link above to open a PDF document of our Bylaws, which are complimentary to the Constitution and outline how the Church conducts its business.  The Bylaws were approved on February 28, 2021.

Safe Church Policy Amended 1/28/2018 (Originally Approved 1/25/2015)

The Safe Church Policy has been amended to include an application form specifically for youth employees or volunteers (age 18 and under).


Prior to the approval of the current Constitution and Bylaws, Second Congregational operated on Interim Documents that were adopted to “try out” the new structure of leadership for the church.  For historical reference, some materials are provided below.

Two meetings of the congregation were held on Sunday, February 24, 2019 to consider adopting all-new Interim Organization and Interim Governance Documents

The Annual Meeting of the church considered the normal reports of Boards and Committees and an Operating Budget.

Immediately following the Annual Meeting, a Special Congregational Meeting was convened to consider changes to Constitution and Bylaws as part of “ReImagining” the future of Second Congregational Church.  In addition to the reorganization, a “ReImagine” Budget was approved that complements the operating budget approved during the Annual Meeting.

Pre-meeting materials are identified below and accessible via the links.

Handouts were available on Sunday 2/10 and 2/17. For people who were not able to pick up these handouts, links to the documents are provided below. Click on a link to view or download the document – which will open in a new tab or window in your internet browser program.

Annual Report For the Year of 2018

Annual Meeting – for FY 2018:


Special Meeting – ReImagine Governance Etc:  Links below will open the appropriate documents for reading, downloading or printing.