Pre-Recorded Worship – 12/27/2020

PRE-RECORDED WORSHIP FOR DECEMBER 27, 2020:  For Sunday, December 27th: Pastor Char, our Minister of Music Jane Wilmot, worship volunteers Jim Corbett and Bill Bausch and Peter Asche, and the remaining staff of Second Congregational Church are taking a much needed Sunday off and making sacred this day of Sabbath. Therefore, there will not be a live 10am Zoom or Facebook service offering for Sunday, December 27, 2020.

Instead, we invite you to make a time of personal meditation. Follow the Order of Worship available here that contains prayers, gospel reading and shared hymns for your worship at home. The hymns have been provided by the National Office of the United Church of Christ and are presented in a video playlist on our Second Congregational YouTube channel.

We look forward to rejoining you for community worship via Zoom/Facebook next Sunday, January 3, 2021: A Communion Service of Stars and Sacred Stories.

May you feel the hope, peace, joy, love and true life of the Christ Child in these growing days of light. And may you have a safe, healthy and bright start to the New Year!