Sunday, January 19th, 2014 was the annual Outreach Sunday at Second Congregational Church. In lieu of a sermon, Nan Tischbein and Craig Phillips shared some information with us. Their remarks were unscripted so no text is currently available to repeat here.

Nan Tischbein explained a bit about the work done by the Board of Christian Outreach during the year to help those in need in our community and beyond. Assistance to people experiencing homelessness was a major part of the group’s work, and was partially responsible for a new collaboration with Tedford Housing of Brunswick. Nan expressed great gratitude on behalf of the church and the community for the help now being received through Tedford Housing.

Following Nan’s remarks, Craig Phillips, the Executive Director of Tedford Housing, described some of the services provided by the organization and its relationship to our community and to Lincoln County. Pauline Hanson, a case manager from Tedford, now is attending the weekly Tuesday morning sessions of the Ecumenical Food Pantry hosted at Second Congregational Church to provide information and assistance to any visitor to the Food Pantry who wish to talk with her.