Dinner Groups

If you would enjoy the opportunity to get to know six or eight of your fellow Second Congo church-goers a little better over a potluck dinner and a glass of wine in an intimate setting, Dinner Groups are for you.

Participating individuals, couples and families dine with rotating small groups that change every few months. The idea is to pick a date and meet once over a potluck meal, either at the home of a group member, at the church, or at a restaurant. Then the groups shuffle around and folks dine with an entirely different group several weeks later.


The second round of church dinner groups is being planned for winter 2016.? Participants in the fall groups report delightful times of fellowship and good food in their initial group experiences. If you have not yet signed up for a dinner group, now is the time to do so to become a part of the winter dinner group round.? Individuals and couples are welcome.? Please contact Peggy Farrell at pjsfarrell@gmail.com or 677-2078 (by January 15 ) if you would like to be part of this fellowship opportunity or just need more information.? Likewise if you are on the dinner group list and find you are unable to be part of the winter groups, please let Peggy know.

Dinner Groups: soup