EX 20: 1-3; 8-10a; 12-14

Second Congregational Church in Newcastle

October 11, 2015 by Rev. Anne Roundy

Ever since Rick called and asked if I would preach this morning, I have wondered what I would choose for a text, what I would say.? I have been very conscious of the fact that this is no ordinary Sunday for this church.? You are on a new journey.? Life, as you have known it for eleven years, has changed.

Ours is one of the many churches in the Maine Conference seeking a new pastor, and the search process has just begun.?? You have probably been told that this often takes longer than we would want it to, but is important in order to find just the right person.? So, with all that in mind, I have decided to veer away from the lectionary and, using one of the oldest and most familiar passages in the Hebrew Scriptures, preach to where we are in our journey … read more (as a PDF – format preserves footnotes in Rev. Roundy’s original manuscript.