5/20/2018: Another Invitation to Dream

Sermon preached by Rev. Charlene C. Corbett on Pentecost Sunday, 5/20/2018, at the Second Congregational Church UCC in Newcastle Maine. “Another Invitation to Dream” is the title of this week’s sermon (click on the sermon title to listen).

Scripture for this Sunday was Acts 2:1-21.

Pastor Char considers how we’re all “wired differently” and consequently perceive things differently. We’re influenced by our experiences and our ideas, and possibly by how well our eyes and ears function. We can comprehend things differently based on our hearing (for example, loss of hearing higher frequencies) as well as our preconceptions.  She shared some information about an internet “debate” of Laurel vs Yanny that illustrates the difference in what people hear when listening to the same audio clip.

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